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Glib Gibson

Charlie Gibson made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up during his recent interview with Sara Palin. I can’t believe the Washington Post wrote that “he managed to cut through the static, and instead of touchy feely questions, there were questions about Iraq, abortion, gun control.”  Oh, yeah, I forgot…after all, it was the Washington Post.

Watching his body language during the interview, I had flashbacks of a Catholic nun interrogating me once back in school, peering over her glasses with that supercilious air, and bad breath ta boot.  I wanted to hock in her face.

And what the hell was with the question whether she “agrees with the Bush Doctrine”? That’s like asking someone if they agree with their car’s maintenance manual in their glove compartment.   Well, dunno, Charlie…can ya be a little more specific?

I’m as interested as anyone else to see a fire lit under Sara Palin and see if she can handle the heat in the kitchen.  But, please, his condescending scrutiny, which included his constant interruptions before she could finish answering, was nauseating.

Let go of worrying about the Babe Factor already, it’s starting to sound like a broken record.

And loosen your tie, Charlie, or go get laid.  It’s time to let your hair down.  Thank God Palin can…and will.


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