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So I just dumped all my plastic containers out of my cupboard cuz I got scairte when I heard that the chemical polycarbonate, containing BPA (bisphenol-A, an endocrine-disrupting chemical) in plastics, which is widely used in products such as reusable water bottles, canned food linings, water pipes, and baby bottles — has been shown to affect reproduction and brain development in animal studies. And they said it was because I’m blonde…huh, take that!

I rushed online to order some glass containers, because I’m too lazy to shlup my ass to Ikea, but now I’m concerned.  Where am I going to put the leftovers from the boiling cauldrons of spaghetti sauce – I mean “gravy” – that The Mister whips up twice a year (and only during the off-weeks of his fave football teams, dontcha know). I usually have plastic containers bulging out of my freezer for months, enough to feed the occupants of the next football stadium that fills up with disaster victims. (No, not THAT disaster – as in San Diego gettin’ whuppped by Denver – I mean a real disaster!)

So we are supposedly only told to worry about the temperature reaching a certain (hot) temperature in our plastic containers. This is NOT going to go over well with the Italians and their gravy.

I wonder if The Mister will let me serve cold gazpacho at our next dinner party…


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