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Fiesty Popcorn

Ew. A microwave popcorn bag is coated with a perfluorinated chemical (PFC) called a fluorotelomer that can break down to form perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Huh? Well, in layman’s terms, that stuff all over the inside of the bag prevents oil from seeping through the bag and it tiptoes into the toes of those little kernels when heated. Since it has been linked to cancer and birth defects, the EPA’s scientific advisory board has recommended that the chemical be listed as a likely human carcinogen. Ya think!? The supposed “good news” is that the EPA has asked manufacturers to work toward eliminating PFOA from their products by 2015.

2015!!!???  Well, how kind of them to give us a heads up! I knew there was a reason I liked my homemade popcorn better! My favorite recipe, since I have to reduce my sodium intake, is one my daughter insists I make every time she’s home from college, we’re cuddled up together under the fuzzy, and watching a chick flick after taking over the remote and forcing The Mister to go off and do man stuff.

So I’m going to have to file this under both my Recipes file and my New Fears file…what’s a blogger ta do? This will also save you money…oh gawd, now I need to start an Economic Recovery Package file…

•Put 2 tablespoons of Canola oil in bottom of pan.
•Throw one or two (cheap, generic brand popcorn!) kernels in pan, put lid on, and set over medium high heat.
•When the two kernels pop, lift lid carefully and pour in one cup of popcorn. Shake pan only once or twice throughout cooking time.
•Throw cooked popcorn into large bowl.  Throw in just about a spoonful (just enough to coat bottom of pan) of margarine into the hot pan, and recover with lid.
•With a fork, distribute melted margarine through popcorn.
•Sprinkle (to taste) with Chili Powder, Garlic Powder and just a dash of Black Pepper.
Just enough flavor, and you won’t miss the salt! And eating the burnt ones (the best!) won’t give you lung disease!  

Redneck Fire Alarm



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  1. What a coincidence! Michael and I just made homemade popcorn for the first time….EVER. I had to look up on the Internet how to make it and was surprised at how easy it was! Why do people do the microwave thing at all? I don’t get it. (By the way, in my 17 years of moving off the farm, I have never owned a microwave. Isn’t that ridiculous and awesome? It’s just one of those things I refuse to do. I also don’t have cable but secretly wish I did. It’s just not “pc” in Santa Cruz. Whatev’s!).
    Here are a few other things we’ve tried with the popcorn: a little splash of chipotle powder for a spicy batch OR a little bit of mustard powder. It’s goopy-stuff-on-your-fingers-kind-of-good!

    Comment by Lissa | October 10, 2008

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