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A few of my favorite things.

A few of my favorite things.

I received one of those “get-to-know-your-friends” surveys that provides your friends (or enemies) with a glance into your personality (PC or Mac, your favorite food, what’s on the bottom of your closet floor, etc. – you mean besides dust balls???) My favorite question was “Do you like the person who sent this to you?” Uh, do we have to be perfectly honest on these things? Who writes these things, anyway? But I digress….

I do remember one question which I gingerly approached, which was “What was your favorite toy as a child?” I enjoyed seeing the range of answers and tell-tale signs which were dead giveaways of how old some of the participants were by their answers. If they said, “My transformer,” or “My cabbage patch doll,” I knew I was in the wrong company. I wanted to answer truthfully, but I’d look like an ole’ blue hair. But I jumped in anyway, with “jacks.” I’m pretty sure neither of my children, now full grown, even know what jacks are. It involved throwing a ball in the air and trying to sweep up little metal objects (which small children today would not be allowed to play with – “Yer gonna poke your eye out with that thang!!”) before the ball lands back in your hand. In retrospect, it was good practice for parenthood – your wrists got a good workout for things like flipping burgers, flicking encrusted bugars and cheese off of the couch cushions, waving goodbye to your mother-in-law as she continued to complain about her diverticulitis all the way out the door…)

So I hit the send button, and for a moment, wished I had a magical retract button for e-mails…because I just then remembered that wasn’t my absolute favorite after all…it was really my Etch-A-Sketch! I cried the day I caught my little sister in the bathroom stabbing at the screen screaming “reek, reek!!!” with a huge pair of scissors because she wanted to see what was inside. I am right-brained and ended up an artist. She’s a lefty and crunches numbers and loves detail. Go figure.

But all is not lost! I just found a new cool time waster (even cooler than wasting my time on those surveys). It’s an online Etch-A-Sketch for adults. Not adult as in sketchy-people-sketching-stick-men-and-their- man-parts, but an actual sketch pad. It suits my creativity, satisfies my instant gratification needs and is only a keystroke away. It’s called Sketchswap. You just sketch something, send it, and receive a sketch back. Why? WHO CARES? (Even though I do tend to wonder, again, “Who thinks up these things???”)

Now, if I find my sister poking holes in my computer monitor, I’m going to rip up her latest Excel spreadsheet. 


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