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‘Twas the night of elections, and all through the house…The Mister snuck up the stairs, quiet as a mouse…

My daughter came home from college to vote, and this being her first chance at choice, sat with me as we settled in to watch the elections.  The Mister, sick to death of being inundated with the television commercials and bashing over the airwaves, folded and dealt with it as realistically as he handles most things…“Watching it won’t change the outcome, I’m goin’ ta bed…” 

I was thinking the same thing, but for some reason, the election coverage was sort of like watching a car accident…you don’t really wish any ill-will on the parties involved, you know there’s usually at least one tragic outcome, but you just HAVE to look!

Watching Sara Palin exit the stage, shoulders drooped, my daughter quietly commented, “Wow, she looks pissed.  I can just hear her kids now…” 

Bristol: “Oh, crap, mom’s gonna be in a really bad mood. Think I’ll go stay over at Levi’s for awhile.”

Piper: “What do ya mean – I can’t go onstage anymore??? I was getting really good at looking cute cleaning Trig’s hair..”

Willow: “Does this mean I have to help with the laundry again??”

Track: “Phewwww, got outta that house just in time!”

My daughter made me laugh with her SNL-like production. Personally, I’m glad those poor kids don’t have to go through the media barrage and scrutiny under a microscope anymore. And when mom gets back into her routine, I’m sure calm will once again prevail in the household.

First Dude, though, might be wise right now to whip up her favorite batch of moose stew, bring her her slippers, and then hightail it to the garage and work on his snowmobile. initial


Damn, she's back...



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