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It’s in the DNA of our family.  But I say it loud and proud. I can be such a smart-ass.  And I just found the perfect outlet for my “smart-ass-ishness.”

lazycat1Did you ever just cringe when someone – oh, let’s say a lazy coworker, family member or friend –  says “Well, where did you find that?” or “How do I get there?”  I always give them the five-second death stare, but upon noticing that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes, figure they’re just thinking out loud and eventually will soon morph out of their “lazy ass” mode and think for themselves.  Because in this high-tech era, how can people not know the site G-O-O-G-L-E ?

googleBut Google – the what, where, when and how masters of the universe -has just been one-upped by some brilliant geekoid. There is now an actual site called Let Me Google That For You. It was created just for those of us who are inundated with those coughidiotscough who would rather inconvenience you with their question rather than google it themselves. Although it feels and smells and tastes like the Google home page, it is not associated with Google. And the best part is that it’s USER UNFRIENDLY!

YOU, as the recipient of said co-worker, family member or friend’s question, go onto the site, google their question or topic, and send them the link to the information they are too lazy to go find themselves.  Upon receiving said link and clicking on it (remind them: click on the little blue underlined thingy) they will receive –  along with the information they were looking for –  a fancy-fonted, large type, smart-ass passive aggressive response that says, “Was that so hard??”

Then again, you could completely cut yourself out of being the middle man, and just send them to  But don’t send that one to your mom…. initial


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