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Play Nice with Your Toys

Owwwww. Just when you thought it was safe to go nosying around in your husband’s Craftsman tool chest….

sabersawA woman in Maryland got a little too comfortable with hubby’s saber saw blade the other day, and was rushed to the emergency room after getting a little tired of her old used sex toys.

Seems Kinky Karl and the Little Missus decided to screw on (excuse the pun) her old standard play toy to his high-powered saw and pulled a Tim Allen in her nether regions. Unfortunately, the worn plastic from the aforementioned “old” toy gave way and..well, let’s just say she invented a really good new excuse for sick leave!



The question remains whether he was smart enough to use his safety glasses and…did he use a straight 115V?  And I wonder if they’ll be filing a lawsuit against Black & Dicker…I mean Decker…anytime soon since the manufacturer didn’t specify in bold bright letters, “Not for use in thickets and underbrush.”

Collective ignorance can be a pain in the ass…I mean.. in the kaslapka.


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  1. You are so hysterical with all of your innuendos!

    Comment by Modown | March 12, 2009

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