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Later, slacker.

I’m so excited I could just…well, pshhh, later on that.  I’ve actually found a self-help site for all of us procrastinators.  I thought I was just A.D.D., but ”Ima cured!” Seems jumping from one minor task to the other seems to have an actual purpose, according to Stanford University philosophy professor John Perry. He calls it “self manipulation.”  Hmmm, I’m glad he clarifies that visual for me on his structured procrastination site.

I no longer have to feel guilt pangs about being distracted by doing small, menial – albeit quickly resolved – tasks, like paying that late bill online, or watching my 401(k) take a major dump, instead of attacking the bigger project looming on my desk. Seems breaking down larger tasks to a series of smaller ones (trick here: they have to be useful tasks…not playing Solitaire or watching TV) provides us with a stronger focus on positive goals and provides a little adrenaline rush because we’ve actually accomplished something. It provides little mini-satisfactions throughout the day (sort of like eating those mini-oreos in those small bags), which in turn gives you more deliberation to attack that big-picture project (or the industrial Costco-size pack of Oreos).

OK, I’ve been blogging long enough – now onto that other big project…

Ooooo, shiny object! I’ll be back…


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Every morning at work, before I start my day, I grab my coffee, and spend an untold amount of time sifting through the spam blocked by our server, making sure it hasn’t blocked that one e-mail that I just might want…especially the one that says I’ve won a million dollars if I don a burka and just open an account in Abu Dhabi.

Since we have the “firewall on steroids” at our office, sifting through these time wasters has become a daily necessity. Although I’ve trained myself to scan and shudder through them like my eyes are having mini-seizures, my coworker admits she just usually hits the delete key without reading them.

But yesterday I decided to do an experiment and consciously try – without actually opening them (who da fool!?) – to decipher what could possibly be inside these e-mails that makes some technolamo hacker get his rocks off by inundating us with them.

Actually, some of the subject lines made me chuckle, whilst my coffee blurted out my nose:

Women love men with large toolas, get a larger tool today!
(Toolas? (sp?) I wonder if Craftsman Tools knows it has some very “stiff” competition…oh, I didn’t say that)

Russian dating site.
(Why do I envision Ray Charles singing “Georgia on My Mind”?)

From Jesus Cornell
(Oooo, maybe I should open this one, it’s from Jaaaaiizus!!! Praise the Lord! And forgive me for I know not what I’ve done.)

No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!
(You mean if I wear high heels, that I’ll need surgery and exercises?  Yeah, I care.)

Your Job is at stake.
(NOT gonna open this one….well, maybe it’s a safe one. Besides, they couldn’t afford to replace me.)

From Guadalupe Grubbs…
(Sounds like something at the bottom of one of my Tequila bottles…rhymes with squirm.)

Fully automatic sweeping second hand movement.
(Hmmmm, wonder if my neighbor is having her sex toy party again??)

Huge love weapon is never too much.
(Bullshit! And if he EVER brings weapons to bed, I’m if he wants to bring that fully automatic sweeping second hand…)

You do not want to buy unknown them in stores.
(?) Poor dyslexic nerd…can’t even get his spam right)

Potenzprobleme? Mit uns nicht mehr
(Guess even Hitler had impotence problems…poor Eva, no wonder she took the bullet)

Back to work…

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